Get Well Soon Messages For Wife/ Get Well Soon Wishes For Wife/ Sample Get Well Soon Messages For Wife/ What to write in Get Well Soon Card for Wife

The last person you expect to get sick or have her health challenged is your wife. It may take its toll on your strength and logical thinking but this is the time that you should stand up and be supportive in all ways you can.  

Help your spouse cope with the circumstance by giving out positive vibes and convey her loving messages to aid in her recovery. Here is an amazing collection of heartfelt and thoughtful get well soon messages for wife. 

  • Get well soon honey. The kids and I are missing your presenc in the house badly. We love you! 

  • I wish I could be with you all the time. The kids and I are praying for your speedy recovery.

  • Rest well my love so you can be up and about in no time. Get well soon. I love you.

  • I wish I had a magic pill I can give you to get you well soon. I am praying for your good health everyday. I wish you a speedy recovery.  

  • Darling, you need to be strong as I am being strong for you right now. I pray that God make you well real soon. The kids and I miss you so much.

  • The doctor says your surgery was a success. Now I am praying for your speedy recovery. Stay strong my love.

  • Honey, you better get well soon. The kids are beginning to like my cooking. You don’t even like my cooking.

  • Darling, we pray that you get well soon. The soiled dishes have reached the ceiling. Just kidding. I only wanted you to smile.  Rest well and God bless.

  • This is the toughest challenge we ever had. I pray to God that He gives you good health and you get well soon. Miss you darling.

  • This is the time we should put our faith in God. I strongly pray, everyday, that you’ll be blessed with good health. Missing you so much.

  • Hey honey, I hope you don’t get bored with my hourly message to you. Get well soon and may God bless you with good health!

  • Everyday you are away, I sincerely pray for your fast recovery. Missing you so much. We’ll soon be together at home my dear.

  • We know this is just a challenge that we will overcome. Get well soon my one and only.

  • Sickness may make both our moods gloomy, but that doesn’t stop you from lighting up my skies. Get well soon my love.

  • They say hope can be the best medicine. I’m giving you tons of that right now. Get well soon, love.

  • We may be apart for a few days due to your flu, but we’ll surely make it up. Smile and get well soon.

  • You r medicines may be bitter, but you are still the sweetest one in my life. Get well soon honey.

  • I could almost feel your sickness even when our bodies are separate, because your heart and my heart beat as one. Hope you get well soon.

  • Don’t let the flu get the best of you. It’s temporary, but your sweetness for me is forever. Get well soon darling.

  • The kids are bugging me to cook their favorite meal that you lovingly cook for them. Get well soon my love, I don’t like the way they stare at me on the dinner table.

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