Funny Get Well Soon messages

Funny Get Well Soon Messages/ Sample Funny Get Well Soon Messages/ Funny Get Well Soon Wishes/ Funny Get Well Soon Wordings

"Laughter is the best medicine". Send your loved one, friend, or colleague a funny get well soon message to tickle his/her soul and spirit. A funny message is always a delight to those who are sick. When writing your message, be creative and unique. Here is a collection of funny get well soon messages that you can use. 

  • I thought you were a  superman, but that accident made me realize that you are only a human. Well, I like the latter because I can punch you whenever I can. Just kidding! Get well soon dude!

  • Are you not happy? You are sleeping on the most expensive bed, the hospital bed! But I guess you wouldn't exchange your house bed with that. Get well soon friend.

  • Follow the doctor, follow the nurse, and follow your parents. Being in a hospital is so boring. Do not worry when you got out of the hospital, you will only follow me! Cheers!

  • Your royal highness your wish is my command, but once you get out of the hospital, remember you are my slave again! Get well soon! 

  • Do not worry about your illness, you still look fashionable and handsome with that hospital clothes! You are still the apple of my eye.

  • It is your opportunity to sleep all day long and skip your household chores assignments. Do not worry I will do that for you bro! Get well soon.

  • Hey bro! Are you sure you are still sick? I heard you have beautiful nurses around you. Get well soon.

  • I know you are a funny man, but your illness is not funny. I miss your humor and laughter, get well soon.

  • I cannot think of funny get well soon messages for you. I hope looking at my face is enough to make you feel better. 

  • Your pending tasks are piling up, I hope you can back to work soon. Just kidding, get well soon mate. 

  • Too much partying? Do not drink too much next time you hit the town. Get well soon friend.

  • Get well soon, I miss the dose of your gossip feeds. 

  • I miss hanging out with you. Your out-of-this-world ideas make me freak. Hoping for your fast recovery.

  • I am not surprised you are down with flu. You are such a workaholic person. Get a life friend, get well soon.

  • I saw a signage in the hospital “pets are not allowed”. Why are you inside? Just kidding, get well soon!

  • Now you are sick bro, this is the time I can use your cologne and shirts! Get well soon or else I will be enjoying your stuff too much!

  • Stop spreading the virus, get well soon.

  • Get well soon now because I am already deprived of delicious food. .Everybody knows how good cook you are.

  • Get well soon! you deserve good health and good looks, you are marrying me next week right?

  • Get well soon friend, I am worried you are having your birthday on the next two days. Actually, I am worried you can’t keep your promise to treat me out!

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