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When a colleague at your work  gets sick, it is a good initiative to send a “get well soon” message. Anyone can use a certain level of encouragement to uplift their spirit. Check out this amazing compilation of get well soon messages for colleagues that you can use to cheer up your colleague in his/her time of sickness.

  • All work and no play gave you the flu. Rest and get well soon. We miss you in the office.

  • Here’s wishing you a fast recovery. I miss my cubicle-mate. Let’s drink coffee to this soon.

  • I am not the only one who misses you at work, so get well soon and get back on the desk real quick.

  • Nobody does it better. Your work is superb. Get well soon, buddy.

  • You are a hard worker and you deserve to rest, but not to the point of getting hospitalized. Get well soon. 
  • Cheer up, dude. You’ll be back with renewed strength after your sick leave. But first, get well soon.

  • I heard you were on sick leave. Whether you are really sick or not, I’d say “get well soon.” You deserve a break. 

  • You’ve worked so hard to deliver the project. I would understand that it took its toll on your health. Rest well and I wish for your speedy recovery.

  • The desk is vacant and I know something’s not normal. Get well soon. I look forward to see you in action again.

  • The office is not as lively as when you were here. We are beginning to miss you jolly attitude. Get well soon.
  • I’ve heard you were confined at the hospital. Please let me know how I can be of help. Rest and get well soon, buddy.

  • When you got sick, the whole department is debilitated. We hope you get well soon. 

  • We at the department wish you a speedy recovery. Here are some munchies to cheer you up. We don’t know if you are allowed to eat these though.

  • While you are in the hospital, I’ll try to do what needs to be completed. Do not worry much. Just get well soon. 

  • The weather is not good to us these days. I see you have also been affected. Get well soon.
  • Please get well soon, the place is in havoc as we try to cover for your absence. We’ll just charge you with pizza and beer once you’re back.

  • We at the office are all thinking about you. We hope everything’s going to be OK soon. 

  • Good health is our wealth. I pray you recover soon. For now, you need to rest and get well.

  • Sending some good vibes your way until you get well. We miss you at the office already.

  • I wish you all the best as you move towards the recovery phase. You can do it, boss.

  • Everyone at the firm is wishing for your quick recovery. We are looking forward to your return. Get well soon.

  • Rest well while you are confined; and don’t you open your email yet. Get well first so you can work in full strength later.

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