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Boys being boys can be active or quiet. Whatever their personality is, they do get sick even if sometimes, they won’t show it. This brings a parent to worry. A message, even a short one, can lift up his  spirits. 

Here is a collection of sample get well soon messages for your son that you can send during the times when he is not feeling well. Read on to find the perfect heartfelt get well soon wordings right here for son.

  • May your best rest be short and your recovery be quicker. Get well soon, son.

  • The house is so clean, quiet, but sad. I pray that you get well soon, son. I wouldn’t mind the noise and the mess as long as you are feeling well.

  • I’m saddened to know that you got sick. I’m coming over and to take care of you until you are well. You may be a big man, but you will always be my baby.

  • I know that you hate hospital beds because they keep you still. So, get well soon so we can ride the waves again, my son.

  • Every time you feel gloomy just think about the next fun activity we will do as soon as you recover. Get well soon, son.

  • Rest, relax, and get well, for tomorrow we play again. Get well soon, my boy.

  • May you find comfort in God’s promises. He is the great healer. Get well soon, my son.

  • If I can call on the unicorns to come and dance for you, I will. For now, mommy will pray for your healing. May you get well soon, son.

  • You will always be my baby boy. Be strong and follow the doctor’s orders so you will be well. Your brothers miss playing with you.

  • With virtual hugs and a prayer your way, I send my wishes for your fast recovery, son.

  • My angels watch over you as you recover from your illness. Get well soon, my good son.

  • Think of happy memories and you will look forward to getting back on track soon. Get well, my son. Be brave. 

  • As long as the stars shine in the endless sky, I will keep hoping that you will get well. Be strong and have faith. Get well soon, son.

  • You still look good in a hospital gown, but you look a lot better in your jerseys. Get well soon.

  • The hospital can be a limiting place to stay. Don’t fret. At least you have a pretty nurse caring for you. I hope you get well sooner than expected, my handsome son.

  • As I think and pray for you, I also miss you dearly. May you regain our strength soon. May all the pain go away. 

  • You are our sunshine. Now, we can see that the sun is dim. But we know that just like the sun, you will brighten up again. Get well soon, son.

  • “Be brave little one.” Remember that song mama used to sing for you? That what you should be right now. Get well soon and stay brave.

  • Our thoughts and prayers go to you as you recover from your condition. Get well soon, dear son.

  • The family meals are never complete without you. Get well soon, son. Papa is going to cook your favorite meal as soon as you get home from the hospital.

  • When we think of you, we see a strong boy. Get well soon. This pain will all fade away.

  • Rest for now, coz you need it badly. Don’t worry about the chores. Just get well, son.

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