Get Well Soon Messages For a Friend/ What to write in a Get Well Soon Card For a Friend/ Get Well Soon Wishes For a Friend/ Get Well Soon Card Wordings 

  • I wish you a quick recovery, take care always my friend. Get well soon. 

  • Get well soon Kate, I know the flowers I sent are not enough to make you feel better. I hope to visit you next week, I am still out of town for a business workshop. 

  • I know you are a strong woman, I will always pray for your fast recovery. Get well soon dear. 

  • Sometimes we get sick because we are too busy working and ignoring our health. It is time for you to slow down a bit and get some rest. Get well soon Meredith. 

  • I just heard from your daughter that you are sick. I really miss your smile and cheerful face at the office. I wish you regain your strength and get back to your normal state sooon. 

  • Hey I want you to get well soon , I am missing you badly. Please get well soon dear. 

  • Your mom told me that you were hospitalized. Get well soon my friend. 

  • I hope these flowers will make you feel better. I will pray for your recovery soon so you can join me again to our weekly dance lessons. Get well soon my friend. 

  • I know you hate hospital, doctors, needles, and blood. But right now, you do not have a choice. Take your medicines on time and follow what the doctors say to you. I will be visiting you tomorrow, I promise. Bon Courage dear! 

  • May you be healed soon. God bless my friend. 

  • I miss playing tennis with you, the team is already asking about you. We are all praying for your recovery. Get well soon! 

  • I am praying for your speedy recovery. We still have lots of things to do! Just kidding, you are actually overworked get some rest. Get well soon buddy! 

  • I hope the flowers and fruits will make you feel better and hopefully will bring a smile on your face. Get well soon, I miss you already. 

  • Hope you feel better soon. Do not lose hope, God is good. You are always in my prayers dear. 

  • I hope my card will bring some cheer to a friend who is so dear. Get well soon to the most cheerful person I ever met. 

  • I will pray for angels to watch over you while you are sick and in pain. My prayers is unending for your recovery. Get well soon my best friend. 

  • May you regain your strength soon and may this card brings a sunshine to your face and heart. Get well soon. 

  • Love,care, and prayers are the ultimate cure for the weak body. Get well soon my dearest Ted. 

  • Hope my message brightens your day. Get well soon Sarah. 

  • I hope you feel better soon Jack, I miss the afternoon chats with you. You are like a father friend to me. I heard from your wife, Mrs. Smith, that you were brought to hospital last Sunday. I felt bad about it and wish I could be there for you. I will try to visit you soon as soon as I get back from my vacation.
  • Get well soon friend. I will do my best to make you happy in my simple ways. I promise you to visit you everyday until you feel better, we will go out once you fully recovered. 

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