After Surgery

Get Well Soon Messages After Surgery/Sample Get Well Soon Messages After Surgery / What to write in a Get Well Soon card After Surgery  

Going through a surgery is something that we never expect in life but it does happen. If you have a friend, family, loved one, or colleague who got a recent surgery, lift her/his spirit by sending a sincere get well soon message after surgery  right away!

  • I felt sad when I heard the news that you went through a surgery dear Mark I am praying for your recovery soon. 

    • Going through a surgery is a tough challenge to anyone, I know the feeling since I have undergone surgery last year. May the Lord bless you and give you the strength to overcome this challenge. 

    • Hold on to the Lord, He will not forsake you. I will keep on praying for your fast recovery. 

    • Get well soon dear brother! God bless. 

    • I am sending my big hug through this note, I wish your recovery soon after this big surgery. I miss you. 

    • Get well soon to a strong woman like you. I will visit you soon but till then hang on and be positive. You made it through the big surgery and you are ready to face the world again. We all are there for you. 

    • I hope you are feeling much better after the surgery. Just be patient with your recovery. I am sending my love and prayers through this note. 

    • We all care about you, congratulations to a successful surgery. Get well soon cousin! 

    • Get well soon my dear friend, I hope you feel better soon. I am missing you a lot. 

    • I hope you get back in shape soon, take care my dear friend. 

    • Congratulations you made it, I am happy to hear that the surgery was over. I am praying for your full recovery. 

    • Hugs and kisses to my dearest niece. Congratulations to a successful surgery, your doctors were great! 

    • A surgery can be a painful one, physically and emotionally tiring. Do not worry, you are showered by our love and prayers for your full recovery. May God send you angels at your bedside always. 

    • My thoughts and prayers are with you. Get well soon Teacher Kelly. 

    • I am sending this note to give you a cheer and hope to make you smile. Get well soon baby! 

    • I hope to brighten your day with my get well soon card. I promise to give you a treat at your favorite restaurant after recovery. 
    • I miss your vibrant personality, get well soon my friend! 

    • I know it is hard to be in a hospital bed for fifteen days, hopefully, after your surgery you will be discharged soon. Take care always. 

    • Do not worry too much about your business, it is time to slow down now. Your health is too important to ignore. Get well soon. 

    • I know the box of chocolates are not enough to make you feel better. If I can just replace you on your hospital bed, I will do it. Get well soon honey. 

    • I heard you had arm surgery recently, it must be difficult for you and family. I wish you complete and quick recovery 

    • Get well soon Mrs. Smith, your daughter told me that you had a surgery. Let me know if I can do something to assist your family. 

    • I am glad your surgery was successful, get lots of rest and regain your strength at home. Get well soon. 

    • I heard your surgery went well, I am sorry I was not able to visit you in the hospital. I hope to see you visit you at home, get well soon! 

    • I thank the Lord that your surgery went well, I pray that you continue to recover soon and get back your good health. 

    • I am here for you my friend. Being a single parent, I know that after your surgery it will be hard for you to do things at home. I can visit you four times a week to help you with the kids, grocery, and house errands. I love you dearest, get well soon!

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